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"One of the very few sites dedicated to providing a nice selection of Korean porn featuring amateur girls caught on camera. It is quite fascinating to see these videos, as most are strictly of girlfriends, wives or hookers, so purely amateurish. There are no photo galleries, but the true gem are definitely the videos. The whole site is very simple in terms of design and navigation, so do not expect anything too spectacular..."

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Korea 1818 claims the site features only Korean women, meaning no Japanese, Chinese, Thai or Filipinas. This is truly amazing, as the majority of sites on the net have everything, but Koreans or at least have content dedicated 100% to featuring the beauty and kinky side of Korean females. Korea 1818 lacks when it comes to the photo galleries, but does a nice job in presenting soft to hardcore sex videos. The videos are strictly amateur and come in different varying qualities. Actually, even the site lacks a bit of luster in the design, so nothing professional. Upon entering, the videos are separated by month, but no amount of videos added each month is exactly the same. As for the types of movies, there is a little of everything from cock sucking, masturbation, group sex, webcams, shower to bedroom scenes. My favorites being when the couples take the camera into the bedroom to show is their most intimate private moments. At $25 a month, Korea 1818 is not bad for those really interested in amateur content featuring cute Korean girls behaving naughty.

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